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Raven keeps your employees honest, reliable and safe with tracking, live cameras and driving alerts. Instantly evaluate driver performance and fleet operations with complete visibility over all of your vehicles and employees. Be sure that your drivers are working efficiently and using company assets appropriately. 

Live Video and GPS Tracking
Monitor the location and activities of any driver or vehicle in real time by using live video and GPS tracking. Raven gives you immediate access to live HD video from the road- and cabin-facing cameras of any vehicle in your fleet – so you see exactly what your drivers see. Track the locations and progress of all of your vehicles simultaneously from a single map interface.

Dual HD Cameras
Raven’s cameras provide instant surveillance over your fleet’s operations in real time. Raven is equipped with both a road-facing camera and a night vision-enabled cabin-facing camera. Access the cameras at any time to monitor both the interior and exterior of your vehicle, or to check in on your drivers. Whenever the engine is running, footage from both cameras will be recorded continuously. 

Driving Behavior Monitoring and Alerts
Identify problematic driving behavior and monitor your employees’ on-road performance with Raven driving alerts and trip data. Raven’s sophisticated suite of sensors pairs with your vehicles’ diagnostic ports to detect dangerous driving as it happens. Receive an immediate alert when speeding, harsh braking, aggressive acceleration, or a collision is detected. A short video of the event will also be recorded – useful for insurance and training purposes.

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Raven helps protect your assets from vehicle break-ins, theft, hit-and-runs and equipment misuse. No need to rely on a car alarm; with Raven’s connected vehicle security system, you can be confident that your assets are safe. 

Break-in Detection and Security Monitoring
Safeguard your assets with Raven’s always-on sensors and security alerts. If any of your vehicles are moved, bumped, towed, or broken into, you'll be notified and an event snapshot will also be captured. As soon as Raven’s security sensors are triggered, you can access your vehicle’s road- and cabin-facing cameras to check in live. 

Maintenance Alerts
Protect your vehicles from misuse and damaging driving behavior with maintenance alerts. Ensure that your drivers behavior is not causing unnecessary wear and tear on your vehicles. Raven monitors basic engine metrics like fuel consumption, mileage and battery voltage, and will keep you informed if issues are detected. Customize your notification preferences to receive alerts for:
> low fuel levels
> low
> elevated engine temperatures
> engine on/off
> car fault codes
> aggressive driving 

"Nothing else on the market packs this many features into a package at this price."

Digital Trends


Designed to grow with your business and adapt to suit your company’s needs, Raven’s all-in-one system makes managing your fleet simple and efficient. 

Easy Plug & Play Installation
Integrating Raven into your fleet is quick and hassle-free. Simply plug Raven into your vehicle’s OBD-II port and mount on the dashboard or windshield. Activate all of your Ravens at once from your administrator account, and easily add more units as your fleet grows. 

Smart Displays and Telematics
Customize your Raven displays to reflect the data most important to you and your fleet. Raven sits at eye-level and updates your drivers with key information. Choose to display route data like speed, distance traveled and fuel consumption, or telematics like orientation, rpm and coolant temperature.



"Raven helps me to manage my fleet and work crews. I’m able to track all of my vehicles and see exactly when my employees are moving from one job to the next. With Raven’s tracking, I know whether or not we’re on schedule. When I’m out on a job, I also like that I’m able to check in on my team from my cell phone using the mobile app. Alerts provide useful and customizable information without the need to check in." 

Giuseppe Maniaci
Bytown Paving

"After not expecting too much more than a dash cam from this device, the Raven has won me over in many ways. I love having this device and I love using its features and functionality. Having the ability to view my car when it is parked at the railroad station and in the garage or on the street is great, and the alerts are also great. Having that kind of heads-up display that gives me the option to view various parameters is a plus, and while my truck does have the navigation, having a second option is just a bonus."

Julian Perry 
The Gadgeteer


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