Live HD Road + Cabin Cams

Raven has both road and night vision enabled cabin cameras, so you can access a video record of critical events. Day or night, parked or driven – see what's happening in and around your vehicle.


GPS + Telematics + Sensor Data

Enjoy live monitoring of key vehicle parameters and engine diagnostic codes. Gain additional insights about your vehicle and how it's being driven through Raven's sensor array and drive reports.


Mobile + Web apps

Monitor your fleet via your phone, tablet or computer. Get alerts of key events like dangerous driving, speeding or collisions. Share access and monitoring rights to selected Ravens within your fleet.


Plug + Go Installation

Easily install Raven in all your vehicles. Plug Raven into your vehicle's OBD-II port, mount on the dashboard or windshield, and pair with your phone. Connect and install Ravens in all your vehicles seamlessly.

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